Best online applications for use in the classroom


The internet has opened a whole new World of possibilities but some of the gems get lost in the mighty web of the internet. Here are my favourite online applications that have improved my teaching:

#1 Class Dojo:

More aimed at primary students but I have successfully used this with secondary students. The points system provides an easy and quick way to reward students for positive behaviour. At the end of every half term I give the students with the most points a prize. It’s also great to show parents at parents evening

#2 Socrative

Assessment can be a chore for students and teachers. Socrative provides a fun and engaging way to assess your students. It takes a while to make a good database of quizzes but over time you will find they are well worth the effort. Students particularly enjoy the space race if you want to add a bit of competition.


This is more aimed at Science teachers but PHET provides loads of interactive experiments to show your kids. Best of all most of them come with teaching ideas and tasks for students to follow along with.

#4 GoogleClassroom

My current school is completely immersed in the Google World and now I could not imagine teaching any other way. GoogleClassroom provides a way for you to easily set, mark and provide feedback for students work. The beauty of keeping work on an online platform means they can no longer pretend they lost it or couldn’t find their homework.

#5 Online countdown timer

Sometimes the simplest things are the best. This website gives you range of countdown timers to use within the classroom. Having a visual cue to remind students how long they have left has become an important part of my teaching.

Any that I have missed? Let me know in the comments or send me an email and I would love to give them a try

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