TES needs to rethink its paid for resources


When I started out teaching TES was my go to website for resources. I was surprised to find that my school had very limited/outdated resources. Having a communal place for resources was fantastic. The idea of teachers working together and having a common goal was really something quite special. But since TES decided to introduce new premium resources this system has largely fell apart.

Where it all went wrong

When I first heard that TES was introducing a paid for resource option I knew it would be bad news. At first people were slow to upload many paid for resources so I thought maybe I was wrong. Over the last Summer break people have obviously had more time and now TES is full of paid resources. Some people are now charging £2 for simple worksheets! Even worse, I recently went on TES to download a fantastic resource I have used in the past only to now find it is listed as a paid for resource.

Why it is bad for new teachers

Teachers already have a hard time. Being able to go to TES knowing there would be good resources available for your subject was one of the things that got me through my teacher training and NQT year. Now with that facility gone I generally do not know how I would have got through those years. Most new teachers are on low salaries and asking them to pay for these resources seem ludicrous. Let’s be honest, it is new teachers that need our support more than others yet this is another example of teachers making the profession harder to get into. It is no wonder that so many teachers drop out within 5 years.

Why it is bad for experienced teachers

Even more experienced teachers need some inspiration every now and then. TES used to be the perfect platform to provide that. Paid for resources aimed at experienced teachers is not necessarily an awful thing but the quality of the resources must be good. TES only offers a very basic preview of what you are getting so you are largely in the dark about what you are paying for.  I am sure some of the paid resources are worth the price but there will certainly be far too many that aren’t.

Why it is bad for sellers

Due to the above reasons, hardly anyone is buying these resources. A quick look at some of the resources on TES shows that many of them have never been bought. Quality resources are going unused and therefore wasted. Sellers are just leaving them there hoping for the best but I do not believe any seller is making any real money from selling their resources this way.

Return TES to being only for free resources

I am not saying that teachers shouldn’t be rewarded for the hard work they do but this current system is simply not working. There is nobody benefiting from it so if you ask me they should scrap the idea entirely. The teaching profession is hard enough as it is, lets at least work together to make one aspect of it easier.


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