How teachers can earn some extra money

I have never met a teacher who has said they are in the job for the money. As a graduate, it pays below average when compared to other graduate jobs. Teachers do however, poses a wide range of skills which can be used to make some money on the side. None of these suggestions will make you rich overnight but they can help to supplement your lifestyle particularly during school holidays. These ideas are particularly aimed at teachers as I have personally used them myself as a teacher!


Writing a blog

I do not monetise my blog however, many people do. It is not likely to make you a massive amount of money however, if popular enough, it may create a steady stream of income. Writing a blog is also a great way to promote yourself which can lead to further money making options. Setting up your blog is very easy and can be done for free on WordPress. A free blog does have a lot of limitations and if you are even semi-serious about your blog I would highly recommend getting set up properly. I have found Siteground to be by far the best platform to use for your website. They provide everything you need to get set up including your domain name at a fantastic price. If you follow the link you will also get a discounted introductory rate.

Getting paid to use search engines

I use google a lot so when I found out I can get paid to search this was a no brainier! Swagbucks uses Google’s search engine but puts a couple of extra adds at the top. Advertisers pay Swagbucks for this privilege and so they then pay you to use the search engine. I tend to make around 5 pounds a month just by using this search engine instead of Google. Swagbucks also provide surveys and other ways of making money however, I find them to be too time consuming to be worth it.

Sell your resources

I had to think hard about whether I wanted to include this one. Personally I have a few issues with people selling resources on websites such a TES however, this is more to do with the type of resources people are trying to sell (which can be very poor). If you have spent a bit of extra time making an amazing resource then by all means sell it on for a bit of extra money. Websites such as TeachersPayTeachers offer fantastic platforms to build up some extra revenue from your resources.


As a teacher you may have a particular skill that people desire. As an art teacher you may want to sell some of your work, as an ICT teacher you may want to do some data programming or coding. Websites such as Fiver allow you to easily market yourself and your skills to a World wide audience. You set the price and deadline and allow people to pay for your services. You can also set the maximum amount of work you want per week to ensure it does not get in the way of your teaching.

Become a private Tutor

Being a teacher means you are highly desired as a tutor. This can be done traditionally through face to face meetings or can be done online. I prefer tutoring online as it allows me to reach out to more students and I can be more flexible around what times I am available. Websites such as TutorHub and MyTutor are looking for tutors across all subjects so now is a great time to get involved. The sign up process takes some time but this is most likely the best way to make some serious money online.


What do you do to earn extra money? Let me know in the comments

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