5 things every teacher should have in their bags

Sometimes it is the little things we do that define us as teachers. I always like to keep a selection of items in my bag with me at all times. They are perfect for when you have the odd minute to fill or you want to quickly spice up a lesson. I have tried to exclude things that every teacher already carries around with them such as a mark book. Here is my top 5 things every teacher should carry around with them.

#1 Magic Puzzle Box

This has become something of a class favourite. Although you will find students will Google the solution at home so use sparingly. I like to put commendations or sweets inside and give students 30 seconds to try and open it. This is only for the student that works the hardest throughout the lesson so they have something to work for. For under £5 this is really a must have.

#2 Packet of Sweets

Nothing motivates students like a bag of sweets. I use these very sparingly but sometimes having a prize helps to liven up a lesson. Having them on hand for these moments is crucial. Nothing is worse than making promises of prizes and students not getting them.

#3 Colourful Marking Pens

This may seem obvious yet so many teachers I know rarely have a marking pen on them. Different colours are great as students like them and they help brighten up anyone’s work. Having them on hand at all times means you are always ready to mark work. A book marked here and there helps to reduce the massive build up of marking.

#4 Post-it Notes

I get through a lot of post-it notes during my teaching week. I love getting students to write their thoughts and ideas about a topic and getting them to stick it to the whiteboard. We can then discuss ideas anonymously and sort the statements into different categories. They are also great for a variety of starter and plenary activities.

#5 Mobile Phone/Camera

A lot of schools do not allow teachers to use a mobile phone within lessons for good reason. Yet being able to video or take pictures of student work is a fantastic way to showcase your students work. If you are not allowed your phone try and get a basic camera for use in lessons. I like to record my students conducting experiments and performing raps/poems about their work. I then upload them to Google Classroom so students can refer back to them and parents can view them.



Any must haves you keep in your bag that I have missed? Let me know in the comments ūüôā

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