Lesson Starters #11-20

Having a solid start to a lesson is vital to ensure the students are engaged and ready to learn. In this series of blog posts I will be listing a huge range of starter activities for use in the classroom to aid your teaching. Let me know your favourites in the comments below.

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#11 Jigsaw Pieces

Print and laminate some pictures of something related to your topic/lesson. Cut them up into pieces. Give these out to children during the starter and get them to find other people who match with them to make up the picture. This can be differentiated easily by colour coding the puzzle pieces or including the original picture.

#12 Words Within Words

Write a word or phrase on the board. Students look for other words hidden with in it

#13  Show Me the Answer

Using mini whiteboards/ true or false cards etc, students must show you the answer to a series of questions

#14 Sentence Starter

Put a selection of key words on the board. Students must try and write a sentence for each word. For more difficult words try giving students access to textbooks or dictionaries.

#15 Students Ask the Questions

Students must write down 3 questions about the previous lesson. They will ask each other their questions to to there peers so they should be encouraged to make them challenging. Students then ask each other their questions either in front of the class or all at the same time. If a student is unable to get a question correct the other student should help improve their answer.

#16 Call My Bluff

Give students a new or unfamiliar term with three possible definitions. Students should work in pairs to decide which definition is the correct one.

#17 Taboo

Students choose, from a bag, a term they have learnt during the lesson/topic. They should attempt to describe the term to the other members of the class without using the word itself. Students can then jot down the word they think it is on whiteboard or put hand up as soon as they know.

#18 Wordsearch

Either find a pre-made one or easily generate your own using one of the generators online. These are always good to have on hand if a student finishes a piece of work early.

#19 First letter – Last letter

Start off by saying a word related to the topic. The next student must say another word which starts with the last letter of the previous word. Bonus points if it relates back to the topic.

#20 Spot the Mistake

Put up small set of calculations or word problems on the board. Put in some mistakes linked to things the students often do wrong and get them to spot the mistakes.


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